Tammy Baldwin (D-WI)

Senator for Wisconsin, Democrat

Tammy Baldwin

Candidate Information

Election Seat: Senator for Wisconsin
Incumbent: yes
Level: Federal
Chamber: Upper
FEC Committee ID: S2WI00219
Website Address: www.tammybaldwin.com
Email Address: campaign@tammybaldwin.com
Facebook Address: TammyBaldwin


Home town: Madison
Born: February 11, 1962
Born in: Madison, WI
Occupation: Attorney
Religion: Not Stated
Marital status: S
Previous political experience: Madison City Council, 1986; Dane Co. Board of Supervisors, 1986-94; WI Assembly, 1993-99; US House, 1999-2013; US Senate, 2013-present
Elected in year: 2012
Next election in year: 2024
Education: JD Univ. of WI, 1989
Ethnicity: Caucasian